Thursday, October 13, 2011

Our Little Suprise!

Hopefully everyone knows by now...WE'RE HAVING A BABY!!!

This is why I haven't updated in a was soooo hard keeping a secret. :-) We are 10 weeks (11 on Monday) and due May 7th. We are so excited!

Thankfully, I haven't been too sick. A little nauseous a few weeks at night. And food aversions! (meat = gross!!!) The main thing is that I have been exhausted! One thing that I have had to do, especially in the early few weeks, is take naps and get 8-10 hours of sleep each night...if not more!!! I have always loved my sleep, but this was unbelievable! (I think it has rubbed off on David this week...haha!)

During these past few weeks, though, I have made all sorts of excuses, though. I don't want to cook because I'll get sick (seriously, just opening the fridge makes me gag!). Same for going to the grocery store. So, since I did not shop, we didn't eat healthy. Which makes me more tired and feeling blah! Which is crazy because I have been craving lettuce and apples and healthy veggies and fruits. {Ok, not going to lie, though, for about a week or two I had to have fries almost every day! And cheese toast and/or grilled cheese! Yum!!! My tastebuds must be bipolar!}

With feeling icky, I haven't taken time out for myself...other than the naps. :-)

But no nails, new hair-dos, facials, nothing. So, last night before church, I decided to rectify that situation. I was feeling energetic, so I tidied up the house a little...ok, a very little...and took out the trash (yay, me!). And then I sat down to give myself a much needed manicure.

I follow a few blogs, and I love new ideas and crafts, so when I came across this blog, I was thrilled! This website has so many homemade ideas to help moms be crafty and frugal. I have a list I want to try, but that will be another blog. :-)

Anyway, they had a cute fingernail idea that I tried. It didn't come out as well as this picture, but I'll keep trying it and perfect it. :-)

Preggo MUST #1: Pamper yourself. If you don't take care of you (fitness, sleep, eating, pampering) you will feel worse and your pregnancy will be even more miserable. :-)

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