Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Countdown Shirt!

For Christmas, I got a sewing machine! It is out of the box, but I haven't used it, yet...but expect great things from me and my sewing machine! I'm so excited about it!!!

I've been seeing really neat DIY maternity clothes on Pinterest lately. Also, This website has all kinds of GREAT maternity clothes!!! Can't wait to try some of the dresses!!! It makes me want to stay home and sew!

I have already done one project, with the expert help of my wonderful momma this weekend! I saw a maternity countdown shirt on pinterest that I had to try. I altered it a little, since I am already halfway done. (Also, she used a $30 shirt, which defeats the purpose of the frugal nature of DIY projects.) So, I combined the countdown idea with this patern from (I really like her style!) This way, I get a comfy t-shirt with a little style that will fit when I'm 9 mo that doesn't have the elastic!!! <--not a big fan of the elastic right now.

I bought a couple of XXL men's t-shirts from Target that were on sale for $6. They are soooo soft! Perfect for this preggo momma! ☺ Also from Target, I bought some crayola fabric markers! (About $5) I will be using these a lot, I'm sure!

I printed out the numbers, 110 point. The blog said to do a simple font, but I did a funky one. ☺ I didn't take the time to fold everything like she did; I used the computer for all my formatting (about 2 pages) since I didn't do 40 weeks...just 20-40.

I took an expo knife and cut out the numbers straight from the computer paper...I didn't use the freezer paper. Then, using that as a stencil, I colored in my numbers (don't forget to leave in the holes for the # that need them...although I bet just colored in would look pretty cool). You could always freehand the numbers if you are artsy and have good handwriting...I don't! ☺

I also added "He's Here!" since I did this after I knew the gender. It also helped in chosing the color...GREEN! (That's David's favorite...Green with Grey...that's the colors I hope to coordinate everything with...if we ever get settled down...)

After every week, I'll add a red X over the previous week, or you could just slash one. I liked the X, though. :-)
The shirt itself was done following the pattern in trashtocouture exactly. It's mostly freehand. I just didn't have to dye anything. This pattern seemed to fit well with being comfy and stylish, somewhat. Also, it seems like it will grow with my belly. ☺

I painted first, then sewed, although that might not have been smart. I just didn't have a machine at that point.

The Finished Product

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