Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thank you, Pinterest!

Thank you Pinterest for getting me addicted to crafts! Gracious! I guess this would be the time of year to craft, though. :-)

My husband's family does not do individual gifts (because they are soooo big! My hubby is the youngest of six kids!) So, we do I dirty Santa exchange. This year, it is this weekend...probably b/c that is when we will visit. :-)

For my gift, I wanted to do something crafty. I will probably get all the families different mason jar recipes (I did these for a gift exchange last weekend, and they were a hit!) But for the big gift I had a different idea in mind. An etched pyrex container. (So, when I did this, I didn't see that it doesn't work on some Pyrexes...we'll see how it turned out!)

All you need is:

  • glass (cup, dish, window, etc...)

  • stencils (I read that you can use news paper...get an exacto knife to cut your pattern, and voila! Also, if you have vinal paper, that works well, too...I like this idea using tape, cheap!)

  • Armor Etch

  • Tape - to tape down your design

Make sure you don't have any holes that the etching stuff can leak through. This stuff eats at the glass, so you can't just wipe it off. Also, it's recommended to wear gloves and goggles. I wore one glove. :-)

You can apply this stuff with a paint brush although I saw one blog that had a plastic knife! Smart!) I didn't have a paint brush, but did have an old blush brush. Worked fine! Coat this stuff on! I left it on for 2 hours (because the warning about not working with Pyrex), but some have left it on for 2-10 min.


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