Thursday, January 12, 2012

Beautiful Pregnacy...One Hot Momma

In my last post, I wrote about worldly beauty verses godly beauty. As Christian women, we should strive for God's beauty over the world's version. However, I do believe God wants us to feel as beautiful as He made us. All throughout the Bible, God tells us the definition of true beauty is ultimately Him. That is why it is beautiful to praise Him for His beauty above all else. The Bible goes on to say that women are beautiful in His eyes, too. Proverbs 31 woman, the Bible's super mom and wife, had nice clothes (v22)...And I won't go into what Solomon thought of his wife. ☺ Maybe another post.
Here are a list of things I've found helps me when I am feeling helplessly and totally unattractive, especially during pregnancy:

  • Read the Bible. Remember this first and foremost. God wants to love you. He reminds us over and over how loved and beautiful we are in His eyes. I would start there.

  • Eat Healthy! I've found that fast food and junk food, while tasting good, leave me feeling lethargic. (DUH!) There has been so much research on this subject, it should be a duh factor. But with convenience, and taste, I choose the big mac or fries over fixing something at home. I am addicted! Lately, though, I've been eating fruit...lots and lots of fruit! It not only makes me feel better, but it makes the baby feel better, too. I've never connected that junk food can make a baby lethargic. But once I've started eating better, Gideon has started moving like crazy!

  • Work Out! Even if it's just for a nice walk outside. This will help not only your physique, it gets you out of your house. I have begun to run/walk and lift weights again. It has been awesome. I feel accomplished because I know I'm doing something healthy, I get out of my house (can you tell that is a problem for me sometimes?), and I usually meet some really cool people at the gym! Plus, this is really supposed to help with labor: building your core muscles and maintaining/building endurance. If it helps with labor, COUNT ME IN!

  • Don't Judge Yourself! You can't compair your pregnant body with anyone else. That includes non-pregnant women, pregnant women, and even your pre-pregnant self. Your body does not respond to pregnancy the same as other people, nor does it respond to pregnancy the same for each of your children. Remember that you cannot have the world's standard of "beauty"... it's fake.

Now for Some fun ideas!

  • Take a Bath...Not because you stink (although being pregnant has introduced me to odors I've never experienced before). But this give you some alone time with bubbles, music, and maybe a candle. You don't have to think or do...just relax! My husband suprised me with a bubble bath the other night. He decorated the bathroom with a Christmas tree and Christmas lights, and had the movie Home Alone on the laptop in there for me. I watched the whole movie in there. It was wonderful! I've also read books in the tub, too.

  • Craft it up...Take time out for you to do something you enjoy. I happen to love crafts...sewing right now. Creating things makes me feel so accomplished! Plus, a lot of what I do I either wear or put up in my that makes me feel like I'm attractive, or my house is...which is also important to me.

  • Do your nails...It's amazing to me how good you feel after you paint your fingernails or toenails! And with those new products that are self-adhesive, cool manacures (no, not fake nails), I think anyone can take time out to do this. Buy a new shade and get to painting...Or, fenagle your hubby to paint your toenails for you. Some hubbies really want to do something nice for you, but they have no idea what!!! Don't hint, though...come out and ask! Guys don't get hints real well...and they really don't mind us asking...just don't nag.

  • Get a massage...This one is a little pricier. I won two free massages through a radio. However, there are a few massage schools around Ft Worth I found online. One in Arlington is $30/hr. It has great reviews! Your hubby might be willing to give you a massage, too. Just a little baby oil and you're good to go. :-)

  • Buy new underwear...Ok, this will be a little personal, but worth it. Let's be honest, maternity bras and panties are not the most attractive, usually. When I was first pregnant, I went to Motherhood to get sized for new bras. They had a pretty good sale, so I bought a few. (I gained 2 cup sizes at 7 weeks!!!) They are very plain, and they make me feel like a granny. So, this past week, I went in search of pretty underwear. I talked with a friend, and she said she doesn't even use the nursing bras most of the time. So I went to Dillards (who happened to be having their semi-annual sale) and bought a couple of bras and panties that were hott! (Plus, they fit...nothing makes you feel more unattractive than skimpies that are too tight!) This is a practical idea, or a bedroom idea...You and your hubby will both like this... ☺

  • Go on a Date...Girls, I know you're tired. However, what makes you get more dolled up than going on a date with a hot guy? (Even if that guy wears sweats and a hoodie...he's yours, right?) Make sure to do it right. Wear a cute outfit. No, a pair of his sweats and his hoodie, while they do make you a matching couple, is not considered cute. Put makeup on (go buy a new shade of eye shadow or new lipstick while you're at it). Take a shower, shave your legs, and wear the new bra and never know what's for desert, right?

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  1. I really enjoy encouraging women, even myself! I think one of the biggest problems in the church with women is that we are not honest about what God says and about how we deal with the world's views. ☺ Thank you for your comment!