Friday, January 20, 2012


I just added my blog to
This site allows you to search for blogs and read all your blogs on one site.
It seems pretty neat, and a little more accessable than Google Reader. It reminds me a lot of Pinterest, but for blogs. :-) You can divy up all your blogs into groups (DIY, friends', Inspirational, etc). It is also full screen, which makes it so easy to read! You can also search for random blogs that might interest you by category. I'm really excited, as I love getting ideas and patterns through other people's blogs. (My favorite right now is this one! She created her own wedding dress and bride's maids' dresses! Can I be like her when I grow up???)

Follow my blog with Bloglovin, through blogger, or email. This way, you'll know when I update my blog and put neat stuff on here without having to find out through Facebook. ☺ It also gives me a boost of confidence to see that I'm not writing this thing for nuthin'! ♥

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