Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My Fav Pizza!

My husband and I are nerds, and we love watching cooking shows! Me, because I love to cook. Him, because he loves to eat! ☺ Makes for a lovely relationship. We were flipping through channels one Saturday morning, and found a cooking show! We were going to a friend's house that night (it was New Year's Eve), and needed to bring something. The host was making pizza! We both looked at each other and said, "Let's make that tonight!" This is the recipe he used.

I vary his a little, but it comes out delicious every time!

My Ingredients:

  • 4-5 Tomatillos ($0.50)

  • Pizza Dough (I buy mine from Central Market) ($2-$3)

  • 1-2 Serrano Peppers ($0.06)

  • Chorizo (1-2 links) ($1.50/link)

  • White Onions, Diced (Have always)

  • Feta Cheese ($2.50)

  • Cilantro ($0.50?)

  • Olive Oil (Have always)

  • Red Onions, Sliced (Have always)

This pizza cost around $10 this time to make...but it's so much better than Dominos or anything like that. (I'm sure I could get the cost down if I made my own dough or bought cheese other than feta, but this is still cheaper than going out. Plus, I'm making up for it by cooking beans and cornbread tonight. ☺) We've eaten this pizza 2-3 times since New Years. It's sooo good!


Thaw your dough. I let mine sit at room temp in a bowl with olive oil drizzled on it all day.

Shuck your Tomatillos, and wash all the sappy stuff off.

Pop the stem off your peppers. (I used 2 last night, and it made the sauce HOT! I will prob stick with just 1 from now on...but David liked it!)

Place the tomatillos and peppers in a baking pan and broil for 5 min on each side.

Let cool to room temp.

While that is happening, you can kneed your dough. Mine's not ever pretty, but it's always edible! (Except the time I tried de-thawing it in the microwave!)

Brown your chorizo sausage. It will come in a link, but you need to remove the casing and brown it in a you do regular beef. Yum! (Don't forget to drain it!) I usually use just one link, but last night I used two. (David likes it meaty, but this might have been too much!)

Hopefully, your tomatillos are room temp by now. Place in food processor and mix. (On, Pulse, and food processor...I didn't know until the show told me.)

Stir in chopped cilantro, white onion, and salt. (I forgot to add the cilantro and onion last night, but it was still good!)

Spread the sauce on the pizza dough.

Then, add the chorizo.

Crumble the feta cheese, if not already crumbled. My favorite is the Israeli sheep feta that I get at Central Market. It's about $5-6 per container. I just use one block for the pizza. (There are two/container.) The rest I save for snacks w/crackers or for the next pizza. I like this cheese the best because it is soooo creamy! And it melts perfectly on the pizza.

(I forgot this step, but it's still yummy!) Add the sliced red onions on top...the thinner, the better!

Put in oven @ 420 for around 25-30min, dep on your oven and the dough.

Add cilantro on the top and Enjoy!

Final Product!

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