Monday, January 16, 2012

My Sewing Experiment

So, I've been looking at all these cute blogs about making your own dresses using your own patterns. OK. I'm game. I had gone to Hobby Lobby and scanned their orphan fabric pile. I got all the jersey material they had. There was one that was lime green I really, really liked. (My hubby says my fashion sense is, well, non-existant at times...) I got it for about $2 for 7/8 yd.

I saw a nightgown I really liked at Dillard's for about $30! Wow...It didn't look too hard to make...So, I thought I'd give it a go.

I measured myself...How long did I want the straps to be? How long did I want the gown to be? Where did I want it to hit? How big is everything, and how big did I think I'd get?

I drew a pattern with the measurements on freezer paper. I made sure to label all the pieces with the measurements...just in case it turned out cute and I wanted another one.

I cut out the pattern, placed the material on the pattern (held with pins), and cut it out.

Then, I sewed all the pieces together. - I doubled the bust and the straps - the straps are about 1 in wide.

Sounds simple, right? HAHA!!!

This was one of the most frustrating projects I've ever done!

First, Jersey Fabric is so hard to sew! It rolls up, even after ironing, and never stayed in place. That's why all my lines are so crooked and there are so many creases.

Also, my freezer paper was about 4 in short in the width of the bottom, and I forgot to add them when I cut out the material!!! So, I added 4 in to one side. grrrr...

Then, I forgot about the sides of the dress. I wanted to start the back where the sides stop. But, I forgot. Yet again. So, the sides are not bare in between the bust and the back strap.

Last, I wanted to have a fairly fitted waist, just so I could have room to grow in my belly area. And I wanted to use elastic to do it. However, I have no idea how to do either one of those things. I did get the fitted waist. And I used elastic thread. Yay, me.

Saying all of this...I love my nightgown! It is so comfy! And I really like the color. (It reminds me of Tinkerbelle!) It fits really well, too...I might make another one now that I know what NOT to do. :-)

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  1. It looks cute! You did a good job. It will be a lot easier next time :)