Friday, April 27, 2012

Week 37.5 - Here He Is!!! The Story…

Gideon Edward Barker

He weighs 6 lbs 6 oz! Length is almost 19 in!

The Story

Well, We were met with quite a surprise! It was Thursday, April 19. I didn’t feel well at work, so I went home about 4:30pm. I was walking up the stairs to the apartment, when my water broke! Um…hunny, we’ve got to go to the hospital!

After getting our stuff together, we went to the hospital about 5:30pm. We got checked in, examined, etc. My contractions still hadn’t started. At 6:30, the doctor (who I didn’t see until the next morning) started pitocin. After noticing the baby' was taking a nap, they gave me oxygen to stimulate Gid. He perked right up! (He sleeps all the time!!!) They started the meds, again, and we were on our way! We had a few visitors: Kari, Sarah, and Justin. Still no contractions. My parents got to the hospital about 10:30pm. Ok, grandparents are here…time to start the show!


Ready to GO!

IMG_0644 Practicing…not anything, yet! Smile

IMG_0645 I really love my hubby!

If you don’t know, when they give you pitocin, your contractions come harder than normal, or so I’ve been told. And did they ever! Poor David, I really didn’t like to be talked to or touched or anything during the contractions. Worst Pain Ever!

I came to the hospital (actually I started a couple weeks earlier) at 3cm dialated. At 1 am, the nurse checked me again. I was only a 4! I asked how long it would be. She told me an hour per centimeter. SIX MORE HOURS! I wanted drugs. Not the epidural. Just something to take the edge off. David reminded me that I wanted to do it without drugs. I almost punched him. But I said ok.

During labor, I stood a lot. Or sat on the ball. When the contractions were hard, I tried kneeling. You never get comfy, but it was better than laying down. I laid on my side for a while, and the contractions were harder that way. So I stood. A little before 2 am, I started throwing up. As crazy as it sounds, the vomiting helped the contractions not hurt so much.

After vomiting a few times, my body automatically pushed! I tried not to. But it wasn’t working. After a couple, I told my nurse and midwife and anyone who would listen, “I need to push!” They all said, no. Not yet. A couple more times, “I need to push!” the same answer. “No. Not yet.” A few more agonizing, involuntary pushes, I said, with passion, “I NEED TO PUSH!!!” “Well, let’s check and see how far along  you are. This was about 2am. The nurse checked in between a contraction. Felt around. Said, almost panicked, “We need to call the doctor!”

They were pretty scared that the doctor wouldn’t show up. I wouldn’t have minded. I had my midwife. And this baby needed to come out now!

The put a mirror in front of me, called in a couple of baby nurses, and showed me how to hold my legs up. They told me I could push lightly. Just to see what happens. Yeah. You try to push “lightly”. The doctor finally got there. And about thirty minutes and a couple of yells later, so was my Gideon. Advice: if you can have a mirror, do it! Pushing hurts, but seeing your baby come through gives you that extra motivation to keep going and pushing through the pain! But when the put that baby on your chest for the first time…Totally worth it! Even going “Naturally”!






Coming Home


Week One!

Gideon is already 6lbs 5oz! One oz away from the birth weight!


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  1. i love every bit of this! so happy for you and your beautiful family!!!