Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Gideon- Two Months!


My Baby Is Two Months Old!!! Can you believe it? I can’t!!!

What’s New?

Gideon has found his tongue. His favorite game is to lick noses, his paci, or whatever comes near his mouth. He laughs and laughs.
He is trying to find his thumb! He’s working so hard to put it in his mouth…He just doesn’t get the concept of uncurling his fist, yet.
He LOVES playing on the floor…even today, he cried to be put down.
He still loves lights.
He doesn’t really like tummy time, but he still can play for a good five to ten minutes before getting fussy.
He holds his head up for a long time!


About 13 lbs…we go to the doctor soon, so we’ll find the exact weight soon!

Bed Time?

He sleeps about 5.5 hours, usually, then 3 hrs.
One day, he stayed awake 4 hours, slept 4 hours, awake 5 hours! We like these days!
He usually goes to sleep around 10pm and as late as 1am. (Last night he played in his bed from 12am to 1am. *sigh*)


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