Monday, July 30, 2012

Baby Gideon - Month 3

First, my little man weighs a whopping 15 pounds!!! Really??? *Sigh* he’s getting so big!!!

What’s New?

Little man is almost rolling over (He’ll get on his side, but not know where to put his arm to get all the way over!) DSCF1039

He really likes batting his toys on his play mat. He cranes his neck to watch tv. He loves baths. When he sleeps, he gets himself perpendicular to where he started. He also kicks his legs all the way up and bangs them down. He can almost hold his head all the way…still a week or so for the bumbo. He LOVES to fly! (I will hold him above my head, either me laying down or standing…trying doing that for very long w/ a 15 pounder! lol) And he is teething. Sad smile He screams when he wakes up from a nap…I’m hoping that’s the reason. He’s fussy some, now (he used to never get fussy!) And you can tell that he doesn’t feel good b/c you can make him laugh and he’ll fuss right in the middle of the laugh. *sigh* Poor little man!

Bed time varies, as does a “schedule”. We try to be pretty consistent, but it seems to always change. I pretty much feed when hungry, and let him sleep when sleepy. It works for us.

This month has been filled with milestones! David and I celebrated two whole years of marriage! Seems like yesterday we played football in the snow!
IMG_0236Copy940Man, I was skinny!!!IMG_0036

A few days later, Gideon turned three months! My has time flown! We have gained 9 pounds in three months!!! We have a monster on our hands! (No, we haven’t started rice or anything, yet…just mommy milk.)

So happy to turn three months!!!

And those two things happened while we were in Florida at the beach!!! It can be done!!! My next post will be a few things I learned in Florida. Smile

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