Thursday, August 23, 2012

I am the Mom of a Leash Kid!

Ok…not in the kind.


I’m the mom of the kind!

Let me start over…

I love to run/jog. LOVE it! When I got pregnant, even though I didn’t run that much, I was still afraid that my dr would tell me to stop everything! Oh, how wrong I was. My dr said as long as I still felt ok and listened to my body, I could keep doing what I was doing. So, I did. I ran about 2x’s a week (sometimes less in the middle of pregnancy when it was winter and cold). I could run about a mile during my 32 week of pregnancy…and 1/2 a mile during later parts. I actually ran the two days before I delivered (I was planning on it the day my water broke, actually!) So, it was pretty easy to get back in the groove of running. And I love it! I have the expedition jogging stroller w/ the leash and the mp3 speakers…

Baby Trend Expedition Swivel Jogger Baby Jogging Stroller - Carbon | JG94710

My little one loves it!!! He’s been really cranky lately, and always has been at night. But last night, I plopped him in the stroller after church and ran! Again, HE LOVES IT! No fussing…just looking at all the colors and liking the music. We listen to a variety of music…from Skillet’s “Monster” to Josh Groban. Also love, love, LOVE Chris August’s the “Candy Wrap”!

When I was running last night, with the leash around my wrist, I thought…my kid is a leash kid!


I am currently “training” for a 5k and mud run. I have been able to do a mile no problem…even getting up to an 8’47’’ mile on the treadmill. But longer distances are always harder for me. I’ve been doing a variety of workouts. Run/jog/walk. Treadmill runs. Long runs. Fast runs. Runs with stroller. Runs without. Treadmill runs. Road runs. I also love her crossfit workouts. (I could only get through about half of this one…rough!) Last night, however, this was my run!!!

imageStroller and road. yikes! 

So excited!

I am only about 5 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight! When I get down to that…well, we’ll cover that in a few weeks when I reach that goal!

Let’s hear it for our leash kids!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Gideon…Month 4

This post will be fairly short, as the Gid-man is not sleeping too well, lately. He’s been fussy the past three days…spitting up a lot, screaming, wanting his paci and to cuddle. AND waking up three to four times per night starting at two-three am. I feel so sorry for him! He does not seem like he’s feeling well at all!IMG_0900



We went to our four month check up the other day. Our man weighs in at a whopping 15 lbs 11 oz. No wonder my arms are sore!

What’s New?

Other than being fussy and not feeling well…

  • We found our feet!DSCF1271


  • We love our bouncer!


  • We like to sit up in our Bumbo.




  • We like to grab things…


  • We can push up so well…we really want to go!!!


  • We found our tongue! (We really want to try food…maybe in a month or so…other than a little applesauce Smile)


  • We’re so amazed at how much I’ve grown!


  • I can roll from back to front…


  • And front to back! (I’m off my mat!)


  • I’ve started to take my paci since I haven’t felt well… but ONLY this one!



I’m four months old!




Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Baby…Vacation…Beach…What was I thinking?

Ok, I know what the title says, but our vacation really wasn’t that bad! My hubby and I journeyed on night (yes, I said night!) to Panama City Beach, Florida, to vacation with his family. We all stayed in the same house, which was an adventure…eight adults, three kids, and a baby…what could be more fun??!!! It actually worked better than I expected…I am such a pessimist…but that does mean I’m pleasantly surprised when I’m wrong!

I was mainly concerned (Ok, about having a panic attack!) taking our three month old on this trip. I scoured the internet looking for tips on traveling with babies and babies on the beach. (Did I mention we were across the street from the beach?!!!) I was pretty nervous about baby and beach. But everyone came back sans-sunburn or any other malady of any sorts! YAY! Score one for mommy!


So here are a few tips for next time you (or I) vacation with a baby to the beach.

  • Travel at night. Seriously, if you can, drive at night. We left at 11pm, and we had to wake our little man up after 8.5 hours of driving to eat (I was DYING!!!) or he would have slept longer. Ours is a great sleeper, anyway, and he loves car rides.

  • Don’t over pack. Our car was a little crammed, so this would be a definite change I would make! There is no need to bring the kitchen sink, or every little toy you might think you need. Especially with one this young! We took a play mat, bathtub, bumbo, tons of towels, boppy, etc. If I thought I might use it, I took it. Pick a few things, and don’t overwhelm yourself with a bunch of stuff/junk/non-necessities. One tip I read was bring enough diapers for the road, then buy however much you need when you get there. (We didn’t do this, b/c I hate buying diapers!)

  • Don’t get burned!!! This was the major stressor for me. I wanted to enjoy the beach, but I was so afraid of my little man getting burned!

    • Get a tent. The shade of a UV tent is great! However, don’t leave it out on the public beach! DSCF1052

    • Invest in good clothes. Rash guards, swim trunks (so cute!), sunglasses, and a wide-brimmed hat are all great investments at the beach.

    • Don’t be too afraid of sunscreen! There used to be warnings about infants younger than six months not wearing it period. However, pediatricians now say it is ok to put sunscreen on babies in moderation where clothes do not cover them (hands, feet, etc…) My little guy did not have any adverse reactions to the sunscreen. And the sunburn would be way worse!


  • Bath Tub! Our little man loves the water. We didn’t want him to feel left out when we swam, so we brought the tub, filled it with ocean water, and let him splash to his heart’s content! (We did take him out in the water a couple of times, but he didn’t like that quite as much…plus, we could keep him in the shade in the tub.) We also put him in it just to sleep (without water in it). This was so much more convenient than taking a pack and play all the way out there each time, clean up was easy, and it still kept him off of the sand. (I used regular diapers…) Also, one comment cautioned against leaving the baby alone...we always had an adult beside him when he was in the tub, with or without water. I am too paranoid not to!


  • Prepare for rain! Obviously, it’s Florida! Keep an umbrella with you at all times…and bring your stroller with the cover. Board games are a necessity! You never know when your afternoon is ruined when the skies open up!

  • By a travel fan! Our little guy is so hot natured! We had to go to Wal-Mart to get a battery-powered fan…there are some that go on strollers.

  • Restaurants:

    • Be prepared to wait an hour or longer if you go out to eat! This means at least one feeding to go out! I’d invest in good covers if you breast feed or make sure to pump before you go out. (Or make another family member to wait in line and get there when it’s time to be seated.)

    • Be prepared to eat out of doors! This is why we bought the portable fan. Our little man was so hot! It was miserable for all of us!

  • Tips I learned for breastfeeding babies:

    • In the heat, feed as often as possible. I don’t adhere to any schedule, anyways. I feed my little man when he’s hungry, and I’ve never had a problem with him sleeping at least five to six hours every night. So, for us this was not a problem. This keeps your baby hydrated in the heat. (Also, remember to keep yourself hydrated!) I’d feed every hour to two hours while we were there. (I think he went through a growth spurt while we were there, too!)

    • Cover-em-up! Ok, I’m not usually brave enough to feed in public. I’m so paranoid that I’ll show too much. I have a nursing cover, but it’s kind of awkward to use, at least for me. I found that blankets are great, as are beach towels! That is, by far, my favorite cover up! Also, the blanket they sent home from the hospital, with the little feet on them. My first feed in public was on the beach, with the beach towel. Second was in the movies. Again, my little man is really hot natured, so he doesn’t like covering when he eats (he sweats like crazy!!!), so I have also fed him in the car with the a/c on (also allows for a bit of privacy). My craziest on this trip was in the bathroom stall standing up. He was hot, tired, and got in a mood where he didn’t want to eat in the usual position. Since I didn’t have room (or privacy) to change positions sitting down, I had to stand up. But it worked! (This position works a good amount of time when he’s sleepy…the football hold is also one of his favorites…he’s such a boy!) You will try anything if you are crazy desperate enough!
      *Edit* I know a lot of people are not thrilled about this tip. I still nurse my now 18 month old, and I still cover up. This is my personal preference, as it is my husband's preference. My husband is a little jealous of my body, and does not want anybody else to see my boobs. That includes when I am feeding my son. So, to respect his wishes, and to not cause anybody to think anything improper about me and my body, I cover up. Yes, I still use the bathroom stalls, and my son doesn't seem to mind. We have recently moved to Portugal, where they have family rooms where I can nurse when needed, although my son doesn't need to nurse while we are out and about now. If you choose not to cover up, that is your choice. But I choose to cover my ta-tas.


  • Baby Powder Gets Sand Off! Enough said.

  • Enjoy Yourself! Don’t stress. Most people understand a crying baby. We even got a free desert from our waitress because she liked our baby so much (he was fussing a little…I think she felt sorry for us!) Remember you’re on vacation!