Monday, August 20, 2012

Gideon…Month 4

This post will be fairly short, as the Gid-man is not sleeping too well, lately. He’s been fussy the past three days…spitting up a lot, screaming, wanting his paci and to cuddle. AND waking up three to four times per night starting at two-three am. I feel so sorry for him! He does not seem like he’s feeling well at all!IMG_0900



We went to our four month check up the other day. Our man weighs in at a whopping 15 lbs 11 oz. No wonder my arms are sore!

What’s New?

Other than being fussy and not feeling well…

  • We found our feet!DSCF1271


  • We love our bouncer!


  • We like to sit up in our Bumbo.




  • We like to grab things…


  • We can push up so well…we really want to go!!!


  • We found our tongue! (We really want to try food…maybe in a month or so…other than a little applesauce Smile)


  • We’re so amazed at how much I’ve grown!


  • I can roll from back to front…


  • And front to back! (I’m off my mat!)


  • I’ve started to take my paci since I haven’t felt well… but ONLY this one!



I’m four months old!




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