Thursday, August 23, 2012

I am the Mom of a Leash Kid!

Ok…not in the kind.


I’m the mom of the kind!

Let me start over…

I love to run/jog. LOVE it! When I got pregnant, even though I didn’t run that much, I was still afraid that my dr would tell me to stop everything! Oh, how wrong I was. My dr said as long as I still felt ok and listened to my body, I could keep doing what I was doing. So, I did. I ran about 2x’s a week (sometimes less in the middle of pregnancy when it was winter and cold). I could run about a mile during my 32 week of pregnancy…and 1/2 a mile during later parts. I actually ran the two days before I delivered (I was planning on it the day my water broke, actually!) So, it was pretty easy to get back in the groove of running. And I love it! I have the expedition jogging stroller w/ the leash and the mp3 speakers…

Baby Trend Expedition Swivel Jogger Baby Jogging Stroller - Carbon | JG94710

My little one loves it!!! He’s been really cranky lately, and always has been at night. But last night, I plopped him in the stroller after church and ran! Again, HE LOVES IT! No fussing…just looking at all the colors and liking the music. We listen to a variety of music…from Skillet’s “Monster” to Josh Groban. Also love, love, LOVE Chris August’s the “Candy Wrap”!

When I was running last night, with the leash around my wrist, I thought…my kid is a leash kid!


I am currently “training” for a 5k and mud run. I have been able to do a mile no problem…even getting up to an 8’47’’ mile on the treadmill. But longer distances are always harder for me. I’ve been doing a variety of workouts. Run/jog/walk. Treadmill runs. Long runs. Fast runs. Runs with stroller. Runs without. Treadmill runs. Road runs. I also love her crossfit workouts. (I could only get through about half of this one…rough!) Last night, however, this was my run!!!

imageStroller and road. yikes! 

So excited!

I am only about 5 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight! When I get down to that…well, we’ll cover that in a few weeks when I reach that goal!

Let’s hear it for our leash kids!

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