Friday, September 28, 2012

Love Canvas Art

My obsession lately: Canvas. There are so many things you can do with it! (And so many ideas on Pinterest to do!)


This is not my first canvas project. I’ve already done another sayings canvas for my brother and sister in law (they actually used it in their wedding!) And I’ve done a crayon piece. It’s one of my favorites! (One of my husband and my engagement pics!)


But I can’t stop now! I really want to do this one, only break it up into six or so canvases…we’ll see if it can get done before I leave.


Ok, back to my latest project. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while. I actually did it, but it didn’t turn out b/c I used too dark a green…it didn’t look good with a dark background. Plus, I ran out of letters and tried to recycle old letters. Not good! They kept sliding, so the letters were not defined. It was just a mess!

I think I’m going through a late version of nesting! I am trying to do cutesie things to hang in Gideon’s room or our room when we finally get to our new place…and at training to make it feel a little more homey and not temp. And I’ll use the 3M velcro stickies to hang these up!

What you need:

  • Canvas
  • Lettering (I bought vinyl letters at walmart for about $3…)
  • Background (paint or fabric)
  • glue gun
  • Mod Podge (optional…I made my own)
  • Paint


Step 1: Background

Get the canvas (I bet wood would work well, too!). Either paint the canvas or apply the fabric. I have done both, and both have worked really well. The fabric is a little more difficult because the letters might not stick as well to the fabric as to the paint. But, with the fabric you don’t have to wait as long to apply the letters. If you paint, you have to wait until the paint dries.

With the fabric, I mod podged it to the canvas, then hot glued the sides and back.



Step 2: Letters

I don’t have a fancy machine to cut out my letters. And I moved away from my friend who does have one. So I have to improvise. WalMart has these vinyl letters for about $3. I really like them, but you don’t have any variations of script. I will have to try Hobby Lobby or Michaels to see if they have different script. Or maybe Etsy.

So, just stick you letters on the covered canvas.



We’re starting him out early!


Step 3: Overcoat

All you do next is paint over this. Completely. Make sure your colors match. I’d do dark and light. (See my example at the top…not good!) I’ve also done a light yellow with light grey. That was really pretty! This time I did light green.


You can still see the letters…They are easy to peel off.

Which is Step 4.




I had some extra material, and wanted everyone to know that this is definitely football (if you can’t see them underneath). So I took cardboard (to give it a 3d feel), cut out a football from the material, and placed it on the canvas…voila!


Final Product:



I did apply a layer of glossy mod podge to the top.

What is the difference in matte and glossy??? Do I need to apply more than one coat to get a glossy feel???


What do you think? I like it…it might go in my room instead of Gid’s! HA!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Mom Hair!

The Story

I have been begging my husband for the last few months to let me cut my hair. OFF! With Little Man pulling it all the time and spitting in it and not having enough time to dry it, let alone fix it, it has been driving me crazy! He has said no.

Then we made a deal: I lose baby weight. I get hair cut.

I’ve had 5 lbs to go for the past month.

Then, out of the blue, he asks me if I want a surprise. “Of course!” I say.

He says, “Happy early birthday, you have a hair appointment at 1:00pm today.” Shut Up!

He’s been planning this for a while, apparently. He’s such a stinker sweetheart!


The Before


The After






Love it!!!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Gideon–Month 5!!!

How can my baby be FIVE MONTHS OLD already??? Time sure has flown!

After I wrote my 4th month blog, we found out Gid-man had an ear infection. No wonder he was so fussy!

Not too much of that, lately. Although, because of the ear infection, he did learn how to scream! Yuck! (It does make for a funny picture, though!)



Our Little Gideon is about 17 lbs, now! I guess “little” is relative, now!


What’s New???


  • I love my new toys…

IMG_1189IMG_1168IMG_1104Sophie, Books, and Keys…I have to chew everything…

  • I roll everywhere! When you change my diaper, or just put me down to play…I roll, roll, roll!




  • I make all kinds of weird faces and bee-box sounds!






















  • I eat food! I’ve tried Oatmeal (don’t like), Bananas (LOVE), and carrots (YUCKY!)

IMG_0957IMG_0958IMG_0960IMG_0959 (first time eating…I’m much better, now!)



He also

    • Talks like crazy…squeals and yells and belly laughs!
    • Spits…he’s such a little boy!
    • Almost sits up by himself…not quite there, yet.
    • Puts his feet in his mouth
    • Looks for mommy when someone else is holding him.

I’m sure there is much, much more that I could put on here. But I can say for sure that he is such a joy and blessing in our lives!


Saturday, September 1, 2012

Just a Few Pinterest Projects

Like many of my friends, I am pretty much addicted to Pinterest. I could stay on that sight for hours at a time! I wish I had time to do all the projects I have pinned…or buy all the outfits I have pinned…or…or…or.

But, I do try to complete a few projects every now and then. I have done canvas word art. Crayon art. Cakes. Not to mention the food!!! (later post)



My Very Favorite! Hot glue crayons. Trace a picture and sharpie it in.




My latest Project!

Wood plaque from Wal-Mart. Green Paint. Tile cut from a big tile sheet from Lowe’s. Vinyl letters. “W” from when my brother proposed to his wife.

Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. Watson!

Let Them Eat Cake!

This weekend was my brother’s birthday. So, when he and his wife came over for Saturday meal, we had his favorites! Steak, Baked Potatoes, and Green Beans. (Thank you, Albertson’s for your buy one get one free deal on steaks this week! It only cost us $3/person for the steaks…about $4-$5/ person for the whole meal! Love cooking at home!)

Anyway…I had to fix him a birthday cake. One, because I couldn’t see spending $20-$30 for something I could easily do at home. And two, because I really like making cakes! Even though my last attempt wasn’t too appealing…It still tasted yummy (right Amber???)

So, what’s a good sister do? She looks for something on Pinterest! His favorite cake is red velvet. I found the perfect recipe here. Doesn’t it look yummy???
It even has the cream cheese icing recipe to go with it!

My decorating frosting was actually buttercream - half a stick of butter, or a little more, with just enough powdered sugar to get the consistency you want and add a little cocoa powder and a couple of drops of red food coloring. And the splatters are regular Hershey’s chocolate pieces melted with a little milk and sugar.



I also found a really good decorating tip here. I didn’t use the paper towel (well, I tried, but I didn’t have the right kind b/c mine stuck to the frosting!) but I did do two layers…the cake went into the freezer after the first layer (the crumb layer) so you don’t have crumbs stuck in your icing. Wish I had known that trick a couple of cakes ago!



Do You think they liked it???