Thursday, September 20, 2012

Gideon–Month 5!!!

How can my baby be FIVE MONTHS OLD already??? Time sure has flown!

After I wrote my 4th month blog, we found out Gid-man had an ear infection. No wonder he was so fussy!

Not too much of that, lately. Although, because of the ear infection, he did learn how to scream! Yuck! (It does make for a funny picture, though!)



Our Little Gideon is about 17 lbs, now! I guess “little” is relative, now!


What’s New???


  • I love my new toys…

IMG_1189IMG_1168IMG_1104Sophie, Books, and Keys…I have to chew everything…

  • I roll everywhere! When you change my diaper, or just put me down to play…I roll, roll, roll!




  • I make all kinds of weird faces and bee-box sounds!






















  • I eat food! I’ve tried Oatmeal (don’t like), Bananas (LOVE), and carrots (YUCKY!)

IMG_0957IMG_0958IMG_0960IMG_0959 (first time eating…I’m much better, now!)



He also

    • Talks like crazy…squeals and yells and belly laughs!
    • Spits…he’s such a little boy!
    • Almost sits up by himself…not quite there, yet.
    • Puts his feet in his mouth
    • Looks for mommy when someone else is holding him.

I’m sure there is much, much more that I could put on here. But I can say for sure that he is such a joy and blessing in our lives!


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