Thursday, November 28, 2013

Week 19…well, sort of…

Week 19

How far along? The ultrasound technician measured baby Barker at 18 weeks. BUT, since I’ve already have it in my head that I’m 19 weeks, that’s what I’m going with! Smile
Best moment this week: Going back to the dr and seeing baby Barker. Also, I got A PERM this week! I love it! I’ve always wanted curly hair. Smile
Miss Anything? Not really. I’m not big enough, yet, to be missing anything. Except that I go to the bathroom SO MUCH!
Movement: Baby B moves ALL THE TIME! Seriously, all the time. When we had the ultrasound a month ago, the baby was moving and talking! I think we’re going to be in trouble! Smile 
Food cravings: JUNK FOOD! But seriously, potato chips, popcorn, chocolate, sour straws, and cheeseburgers with french fries and mcflurries. My perfect meal! But I don’t eat like that all the time!
Belly Button in or out? Still in, but still shallow from Gideon’s pregnancy.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Pretty happy, but moody at times…I feel pretty bad for David and Gideon.
Weight Gain So far: I have gained 1lb in six weeks…that brings my total to –5lbs so far. I weigh almost as much now as I did when I got married! 
Looking forward to: Getting a belly! No, seriously, I loved my pregnancy belly, and I thought with the second one, I would be enormous by now. Sigh, I guess I’ll just have to wait!

Prayer Needs:

  • Balancing work with family.

  • Staying close to Jesus through quiet times and alone times with Him.

  • Maintaining and gaining language.

  • Meeting Portuguese women who want to build relationships and learn about Jesus.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Week 16 and counting…

This pregnancy has been so different than my first. Sounds silly and like a “duh” statement, but it’s true! And, like so many other things, it was not what I was expecting, at all!

  • With my first, I could not eat anything other than french fries, cheese toast, Taco Bell chicken soft tacos, snickers, salad, and apples. That was pretty much it. With this one, I could eat pretty much anything, but my nose was still sensitive, so I did get sick most mornings.
  • I really thought, this being my second pregnancy, that I would already be huge! But, no. Not really a bump. I think I’m a little smaller than I was with my first, actually. Which I guess is a good thing. BUT, the Portuguese really like pregnant women, and will give them a seat on the bus or cut in line…every line. So, I was looking forward to that perk! Oh, well, I’ll just have to wait. Smile
  • With this pregnancy, because I do have a toddler, I have been super, super tired! Who would have thought, toddler > full time job + full time school. Every. Mom. Ever. Smile
  • With the first, I could feel the baby move at 13 weeks. I started feeling this baby move last week, I think, but it is still not nearly as much. Which, I’m ready for the major kicks and jabs and rolls.
  • I haven’t had time to think about this pregnancy as much. I don’t feel “pregnant”. With my first, I was so obsessed over the blog and pictures (which I’ve taken with this one, just haven’t put them up, yet) and the baby websites and how big the baby is that week and on and on… I think with this one it hasn’t really become that real because I have a toddler here that I have to take care of, I am not showing, I don’t feel sick anymore, and I can’t feel the baby move that much. There is a little guilt that goes into this one. But I think it is a good thing because I’m not as obsessed.

SO, how am I doing?
- Not much morning sickness anymore.
- More energy…not enough since I have a toddler, but who does? Smile
- More of an appetite. I’m not sure if this is good or bad.
- Not much of a belly, now.
- I already almost have an outie, again.
- Feeling movements some! Love that time.
- I am looking forward to feeling the kicks and getting the bump!
- I miss not having to use the bathroom so much, or being able to sleep on my stomach because it makes me pee. (Sorry, TMI!)
- I am looking forward to my next ultrasound in about 4 weeks! We get to find out, officially, what the gender is! Also, I have a regular dr appt next week or the next, and will get to hear the heartbeat!

Some things you can pray for me about:
- Energy!
- That Gideon starts sleeping through the night
- My walk with the Father
- Balancing mommy and wife and being a Christ-follower sharing His love with the lost.

Be in the World. Not in a Bubble.

“How many lost people do you hang out with every day?”

That is a question that was presented to me this week. I’ll be honest. I grew up in church. I became a Christ follower when I was six. I have very limited experience with the outside world. Because being a “Christian” in America in today’s world means being at church two, three, four, six, seven days a week. We have activities that are “evangelical” at church where we might be able to bring our friends and neighbors to eat with us or play sports with our kids or watch fireworks. And those are good, for the most part. BUT. Let’s be honest. Those activities are more for ourselves. We want to be fun and have fun. But we don’t want to step outside of our church bubble. It is comfortable. It is safe. We don’t face those pesky temptations. And we don’t have to see or deal with or interact with people who don’t agree with what we agree with and what we believe.

I am like that. While I was in the states, I was surrounded by Christians. I was safe. It’s not that I didn’t like lost people. I was just so consumed with “being a Christian” that I didn’t actually know how to be a Christ follower.

We’ve heard over and over that Christ came to save the lost. Jesus ate with sinners. Jesus ate with the tax collectors and brought salvation to the prostitutes. But do we really believe it? Are we willing to move to where they are and live among them? Because that’s what Jesus did. And I’m not talking about moving overseas, although if God has called you to do that, then you really should. It will change your life.

But before you talk about going on a mission trip or moving overseas, are you willing to ask your homosexual co-worker to have lunch? Are you willing to sit down over a cup of coffee with your Muslim classmate? No, you don’t have to agree with what they believe. You don’t have to agree with someone in order to hang out with them and to love on them and show them Jesus and tell them that He loves them and died for them. The end. Because that is what Jesus did.

So, back to the question. How many lost people do you hang out with? How many lost people do you even know? I don’t do it enough. I didn’t while I was in the states. I still really don’t here. Not as much as I should. So, I apologize. I apologize to my homosexual friends. I have completely abandoned you. I stopped talking to you and hanging out with you and loving you. To my atheistic friends and Muslim friends I am sorry I have not gotten to know you. I really want to be your friend. To anyone else I have not gotten to know because I hid myself in my little bubble. I am sorry.

And to my Christian friends. Do you have friends that need Jesus? How often do you hang out with them?

As Romans 10:14 is paraphrased, in my mind: How can they believe without hearing? And how will they hear if I don’t tell them?

Monday, October 21, 2013

Week 14


How far along? Week 14!

Best moment this week: Seeing the baby last week, and I have an ultrasound Tuesday! (Worst part, having blood work done…welcome to social healthcare, where the needles create big, big, big bruises. Ouch!)

Miss Anything?  Not because of pregnancy! lol. Well, I guess eating as much as I want without getting indigestion or getting up to pee in the middle of the night all the time. Smile

Movement:  Not yet, unfortunately.

Food cravings: Sweet! Cookies, cakes, fruit, jelly, peanut butter, syrup…

Belly Button in or out? In.

Happy or Moody most of the time:  Moody! Grrrr… 

Weight Gain So far: –6 lbs! (-3 kgs)

Wedding rings on or off? On still. Smile 

Looking forward to: Getting to see little peanut, again tomorrow! (I got an ultrasound at the doctor’s office last week at my appointment, but I have to go to a lab to get an “official” ultrasound. Which sounds like a lot of work, but it means that I get to see my baby 2 times in 2 weeks! Whoo hoo! Things are a little different here, and tests are usually done outside of your doctor’s office, which takes some getting used to. BUT I get to see my baby, again! Smile)

I’ll post a picture tomorrow, even though there is no baby bump, yet. Smile

…And Baby Makes Four!

I cannot believe it has been so long since I’ve last posted on this blog! Gideon is still growing like a weed! He is one and a half! I can’t believe that, either! He has the biggest personality, 12 teeth, working on 2 more! And…

Gideon Baby

Is he not the cutest thing?

That’s right, folks! I’m pregnant! In Portugal! We are very excited to meet this new little Barker in April. (Yes, Gideon’s b-day is April 20, and the new little one is due April 19! Maybe we’ll have another early bird.) And this also means…Pregnancy countdown! I haven’t made a shirt, yet, but I will soon. Smile

I’ve also had a birthday this month. The morning sickness, and night sickness, stuck around long enough to say, “Parabens!” (Congratulations/Happy B-day in Portuguese.) For my birthday, David took me to Lisbon! Well, we all went as a family. We went to eat at a great seafood place, saw some great friends (who watched Gideon while we went out to eat!), went to the zoo (best zoo I’ve ever visited!), ate at a freebirds type restaurant, and ate at a Hardrock CafĂ©. (Is it bad that my great birthday trip mainly included food? Tenho saudades!) Here are a few pictures from that trip.

DSCF3873 DSCF3875DSCF3960DSCF3902DSCF3900DSCF3950DSCF4012DSCF4013DSCF4015DSCF4014DSCF4032DSCF4030

Although I had a great time in Lisboa, gosto mais do Porto! Smile I like living in Porto a lot better, I think…

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

This Life…

As I sit on my back porch, I am reflecting on the many changes our family has gone through in the past few months. We have lost a sister. Moved from our families. Emerged ourselves, as best we can, into another culture. Gained a niece. Met some really nice people. Are learning a language. Have a whole new way of life.

These last couple of months have not been easy. The newness of the new has worn off a little. And while we still love the people, we are a little homesick.

I read a blog a few weeks ago that sums it up nicely.

Sometimes I envision what life would be like back in the states. Would we move close to our families? Would we start adopting a child? Would David be a pastor or a football coach? How often would I eat at Chick-fil-a??? Would I take running to Walmart for granted?

But then I realize that while some of these fantasies are nice, God has not called me to live in the states. God has called me to live among a different people in a different culture, so that His name may be known. Yes, like the author of the other blog says, I do grieve.

I grieve for my family. My son spent his first birthday in a country away from his grandparents and cousins and friends. And my brother and his wife just had their first child. I grieve that I missed that special day.

I grieve for my way of life. Although we have many, many amenities and are not living in squalor or a third world country, and while we can get many American things (while paying a fortune for many of them), this is not America. This is not Texas (I am wearing a sweater, and this is almost JUNE!). I miss cars. You know, the automatic kind. I miss country music. I miss being able to listen to other’s conversations and understand them. I miss not feeling like a child. I miss not being treated like a child. I miss home. But, I have to remember, home is wherever God has called the three of us. I am home because I have my husband and my child here with me. (I know that sound so cheesy, and it really is, but when you are in another country, sometimes you live on the cheesy expressions and thoughts…)

As the author of the other post points out, all of those things are idols. God has provided us with all we need, and MORE! Most importantly, He gave His son Jesus to die on the cross for our sins, and raised Him up from the dead so I may be free! And He has called us to the Portuguese people to share that awesome news with them!

So, as much as I miss home, I would miss being on the mission field more if I were not here. God has called me to this place. He has called me to his work overseas since I was a teenager. He called me His daughter when I was six. God has called me! That is my strength and my comfort.

Will you pray for me and for my family in Christ who is either serving overseas or who has family overseas? Will you pray that we will not grieve too much? Will you pray for comfort and healing for our hearts? And will you pray for that strong calling and passion we felt when we were getting ready to come over here? And will you pray that Portugal will get a Chick-fil-A really soon? (Ok, maybe not for that…but seriously!)

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Where to begin???

Can it be 5 months since my last post??? Sorry it’s been so long! There is so much that has happened since I’ve posted last.

The main two are:

My little boy is almost ONE!

Where did the time go??? To summarize:

  • He has 6 teeth
  • He can stand well on his own
  • He loves food! Not a picky eater at all. Except mashed potatoes. He doesn’t really like those. And the brighter the color of the food, the better.
  • He is in a daycare every week day with Portuguese students and teachers.
  • He laughs when you tickle him.
  • He raises his hands for you to hold him.
  • He is not sleeping at night away from mommy well. We’re trying to break that habit ASAP!
  • He just started watching cartoons…he could never be still long enough before now.
  • He took three steps the other day!
  • He loves people! If nobody is paying any attention to him on the metro or bus, he will holler until they are looking at him, then make faces and grin at them so they will grin back. Center. Of. Attention. Always.

He really is growing up too fast!



I moved to Portugal!

My husband is coaching American football, we are learning the language, and we tell people about Jesus. How cool is that??? I am sure I will post a lot about coping with living overseas, but for now I’ll just leave you some pictures.