Thursday, March 28, 2013

Where to begin???

Can it be 5 months since my last post??? Sorry it’s been so long! There is so much that has happened since I’ve posted last.

The main two are:

My little boy is almost ONE!

Where did the time go??? To summarize:

  • He has 6 teeth
  • He can stand well on his own
  • He loves food! Not a picky eater at all. Except mashed potatoes. He doesn’t really like those. And the brighter the color of the food, the better.
  • He is in a daycare every week day with Portuguese students and teachers.
  • He laughs when you tickle him.
  • He raises his hands for you to hold him.
  • He is not sleeping at night away from mommy well. We’re trying to break that habit ASAP!
  • He just started watching cartoons…he could never be still long enough before now.
  • He took three steps the other day!
  • He loves people! If nobody is paying any attention to him on the metro or bus, he will holler until they are looking at him, then make faces and grin at them so they will grin back. Center. Of. Attention. Always.

He really is growing up too fast!



I moved to Portugal!

My husband is coaching American football, we are learning the language, and we tell people about Jesus. How cool is that??? I am sure I will post a lot about coping with living overseas, but for now I’ll just leave you some pictures.