Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Week 16 and counting…

This pregnancy has been so different than my first. Sounds silly and like a “duh” statement, but it’s true! And, like so many other things, it was not what I was expecting, at all!

  • With my first, I could not eat anything other than french fries, cheese toast, Taco Bell chicken soft tacos, snickers, salad, and apples. That was pretty much it. With this one, I could eat pretty much anything, but my nose was still sensitive, so I did get sick most mornings.
  • I really thought, this being my second pregnancy, that I would already be huge! But, no. Not really a bump. I think I’m a little smaller than I was with my first, actually. Which I guess is a good thing. BUT, the Portuguese really like pregnant women, and will give them a seat on the bus or cut in line…every line. So, I was looking forward to that perk! Oh, well, I’ll just have to wait. Smile
  • With this pregnancy, because I do have a toddler, I have been super, super tired! Who would have thought, toddler > full time job + full time school. Every. Mom. Ever. Smile
  • With the first, I could feel the baby move at 13 weeks. I started feeling this baby move last week, I think, but it is still not nearly as much. Which, I’m ready for the major kicks and jabs and rolls.
  • I haven’t had time to think about this pregnancy as much. I don’t feel “pregnant”. With my first, I was so obsessed over the blog and pictures (which I’ve taken with this one, just haven’t put them up, yet) and the baby websites and how big the baby is that week and on and on… I think with this one it hasn’t really become that real because I have a toddler here that I have to take care of, I am not showing, I don’t feel sick anymore, and I can’t feel the baby move that much. There is a little guilt that goes into this one. But I think it is a good thing because I’m not as obsessed.

SO, how am I doing?
- Not much morning sickness anymore.
- More energy…not enough since I have a toddler, but who does? Smile
- More of an appetite. I’m not sure if this is good or bad.
- Not much of a belly, now.
- I already almost have an outie, again.
- Feeling movements some! Love that time.
- I am looking forward to feeling the kicks and getting the bump!
- I miss not having to use the bathroom so much, or being able to sleep on my stomach because it makes me pee. (Sorry, TMI!)
- I am looking forward to my next ultrasound in about 4 weeks! We get to find out, officially, what the gender is! Also, I have a regular dr appt next week or the next, and will get to hear the heartbeat!

Some things you can pray for me about:
- Energy!
- That Gideon starts sleeping through the night
- My walk with the Father
- Balancing mommy and wife and being a Christ-follower sharing His love with the lost.

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