Sunday, April 20, 2014

My Little Third Culture Toddler Turns Two!

I cannot believe that my little boy is two today. It seems like time speeds up the more we don’t want it to…like when it comes to our kids growing up. Gideon is growing up so much, and I am afraid if I even blink, I’ll miss it.


A couple of weeks ago, on David’s birthday, I was in another room away from Gideon with the door closed, which he hates, when I hear this sweet voice call out, “Momma? Momma?” I was so thrilled! This was the first time my son had said my name!!! He’s said “Dadda” for a few months, and he says other words, but never “Momma”. I almost cried with happiness and love I did not know I could feel. It really is the sweetest sound to hear your child call for you the first time.

Since I have been off of bed rest, Gideon has *almost* reverted back to being a momma’s boy. He still loves being with his daddy, but mommy is still a comforter and support when he gets a knot on the head or falls down. But one kiss is all he needs to make it all better. I am cherishing these moments that I can offer that kind of simple love to make everything perfect again.


Through all of these sweet moments, our little man is going through his “terrible two” stage. He cries when he’s hungry or when he’s tired or when he wants his shoes and socks off or when he wants them on or when he’s having a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day. These are times that are pretty trying for any parent, but we have to remind ourselves that we need to give a little more grace and patience during that time, even when letting him know that his actions are not acceptable.   

Gideon and His Third Cultural-ness

I did not realize how third culture my child was until about a month ago. I know everyone wants to believe their kid is special and unique. But when you are in a store buying baby clothes and the lady who works there asks your child if he wants to come with her and sit at the table, and he then proceeds to try and unbuckle his stroller to go with the woman while nodding “yes”, you realize how much you might not know about your child. Did I mention that this woman spoke a different language than you speak at home? Yes, we live in a foreign country, and we have lived here for over half of Gideon’s life. And, yes, Gideon was in daycare for the first five months we were here where they spoke little to no English. But that was so long ago, and he was so little, I kind of thought he was just a little less loss than we were in terms of language, joking that he could probably translate for us but not really believing it. And then at the doctor’s office a few weeks ago, I hear him responding (somewhat intelligently) to the nurse who was speaking to him in Portuguese. Man, there is so much I have to learn about my own kid! His vocabulary is growing (saying not only “momma” last week, but also bus and car), and he talks in sentences in his “Gid” language. I’m waiting for him to break out in sentences in English or Portuguese (although he really doesn’t speak to us in Portuguese that often, even though his first word was “Ola”).

I love this about my kid. He is full of surprises every day!


Other than growing vocally and expressing himself in the funniest ways, my son also loves football! His new favorite game is “Down, Set, Hut!” This can either be played by ending in a tackle or throwing the football.


He’s actually got a pretty good arm, and he is pretty accurate in his aim (most of the time), sometimes even throwing a spiral. And he tackles really well, almost knocking David down if he is caught by surprise. He loves going to football practice with Daddy and the boys.


Yes, my little boy is growing up! I am so excited to see what God does with him and through him on down the road. We are so blessed that God has given us Gideon: our outgoing, charismatic, football loving, snuggle buddy. 

Happy birthday, Gid-man. Mommy and Daddy love you so very much!


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