Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Those Things

Already having a child, you would think having a second one will be no different. You would think you are already a pro, and that nothing that happens will take you by surprise.

Having my baby girl home less than a week has let me know how very wrong I was. There are certain things that have caught me by surprise. Those things that I thought I would never forget with the first birth, but that still take my breath away.

Those things that are not pleasant.
How hard labor was, and how much it hurt.
The tears that come with using the bathroom.
The gross fluids that stick around after giving birth.
The cramps that feel like labor at times.
The belly that lingers and makes it look like you’re still pregnant.
How much it hurts to breastfeed at first.
How much laundry is added to your baskets (especially if your baby is a spitter or the diapers leak).
The raging hormones that make you laugh while you are weeping and utterly confuse your toddler and husband.
The fear of not being a good mom/ baby’s not getting enough to eat/ baby sleeps too much/ etc.

Those things that are precious to a mom’s heart.
The first time you see and hold your baby after experiencing the torture of birth.
The feeling of accomplishment of birthing your baby. (No matter what the delivery method!)
The bond of a mom and a nursing baby.
The funny expressions your baby makes while sleeping (and while awake).
Having your baby fall asleep in your arms.
Seeing your baby in your husband’s arms.
Getting to dress your baby in cute clothes. (More for the little girls than little boys.)
Those chubby, chubby cheeks.
How much you like the smell of baby. Baby hair. Baby breath. Sometimes, even baby poop.
Did I mention the cute baby smiles when they sleep?

There are new things with the second baby.
Double (or triple) the diapers!
The way big brother just wants to hold and kiss his sister when they are in the same room.
The way he wakes up at night when she cries a lot.
The family hugs and snuggles in the morning and at night.
The way big brother coos and sings to little sister, and how she seems to light up when he holds her and coos to her.

These are just a few things this momma has noticed in the first week after giving birth. I know I will learn more about myself and my children in the next weeks, months, and years. It will all catch me by surprise, and I will hide these treasures in my heart and not take one moment for granted.

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