Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Being Coach B's Wife

I met Coach B. a little over four years ago. He wasn't Coach back then. He said he had quit coaching because God had called him to go back to school and go over seas. I said, "Good!" because I wasn't marrying a coach.

We went overseas two years later with our son, G-man...with him being a coach. He coached football in Portugal for a little over a year and a half. 

We came back to the states because God has another plan for us, and another place for us to minister...We are coaching football in Oklahoma.

We now have TWO children...Gid-man is 2.

Baby Ruth was born in Portugal and is 4 months. 

The reason I said at the beginning of our relationship (we didn't date long, by the way, but that's for another blog...) that I did not want to be a coach's wife was because of the crazy hours coaches keep. Coach B told me at one of his other coaching jobs, he worked at least 60 hrs per week teaching and coaching! I couldn't fathom that amount...or what it might mean to his home life. 

But, here we are! In the plains of Oklahoma. Coaching football.

And it is starting to feel like "Home". 

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