Wednesday, August 27, 2014

It's Football Season...Have you seen my husband?

Being the wife of a football coach is going to be a lot different than anything we have experienced so far.

When Coach and I first got married, we were both students getting our master's degrees and working (me full- and him part-time.) He had time to play flag football, and I was able to have brunch with my girlfriends and go to little parties at the seminary.

Then, when we had G-man, we still found time for friends. Even through Missionary training, moving overseas, and all that jazz.

When we moved overseas, Coach and I pretty much had the same job. We learned language, tried to develop Bible studies at our house, invited people over, and pretty much spent a lot of time together! Coach did have football practice that I didn't go to...But that was it! I was even on the same fantasy football team as he was!

(Our son wanted to play with Daddy!)
This season, however, will be a different story!

 I am at my parent's house this week with the kids. Since we were gone for a year and a half, I thought it would be nice to spend the week back with them and go to the family reunion this weekend.

I just got off the phone with Coach B. He had just gotten home at 10pm after a long day of teaching and coaching because he was painting the field. (He won't paint it every week, but since we were gone he didn't have anything better to do...)
Monday night, I called him twice, the second time at 10pm. He was still working on putting plays on armbands for the season.

I am glad my husband loves his job! It makes it so much easier for him to be gone, knowing that he is doing what God has called him to least for this season!

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  1. I feel your pain... only now all of my kids are in college and the loneliness is really starting to set in.