Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Game that Changed My Life

Five Years ago today:

The school was closed for the biggest snowfall in Fort Worth's history. No classes! We all layered up, and went outside to enjoy the snow. Being from Texas (or Oklahoma or Hong Kong or South Korea) we had not seen that much snow. So, many of the students at SWBTS layered up and went outside to enjoy the rare treat.

Many people built snowmen (one was made of our dear president and his dog!) and made snow angels. There were snowball fights, and people made snow-ice cream. It was a fun-filled day that ended in my first trip to the local Korean restaurant with friends. There, the professor's wife told romantic stories about couples falling in love on snow days. My two friends and I laughed. That didn't happen that day.

Little did we know...

Earlier that day, after my friends went back inside the dorm to get warm and study, I walked around for a while. I love the rare snowfall, and did not want to go back inside, yet. I was not the only one outside after lunch. I saw a group of my guy friends, and we decided it would be fun to play football in the snow. They called a bunch of other people, and within 15 minutes we had a football game.

I was one of two girls (two more joined later), and we decided that for the girls it would be touch, but the guys would tackle. I knew all the guys except a few. One guy particular I had seen around and thought he was kinda cute, but what really stood out was his enthusiasm for the game. Apparently he had been a high school football coach before coming to seminary. His name was David.

David drew up plays for us and told us what position to play. He was extra patient with me, explaining in few words what my job was. "Run long." "Run 10 steps and stop." I was very appreciative because I knew that some of the guys just laughed at girls wanting to play, and didn't take us seriously. But I wanted to show my worth.

They put us man-on-man in the beginning. The first time I caught the ball, my opponent tackled me (I guess he forgot it was touch where the girls were concerned.) I was excited because I really wanted to tackle, anyway. If he could tackle me, then I could tackle others. But it soon became apparent that man wasn't working. I would get beat. Every. Time. So, we switched to zone. Carissa, the other girl, and I were the linebackers.
David told us, "Just keep them close to the line, don't let them have any yards, and we will come get them."
I thought, "Yeah right! I can tackle them myself!"
When the other team saw our formation, they went right for us. They thought they could run right up the middle, more specifically, right through me! No way they are getting through! I wrapped up, and boom! Down we fell into the snow. Everyone's jaw dropped. What just happened? This little 5'7, 130lb girl just tackled one of our tallest guys! Next snap, they ran the same play, just with a heavier guy. My adrenaline was pumping! I ran right for him. Wrapped up, and boom! Down we both went!
David was overjoyed! He actually had the nerve to say something to the effect that I could have D1 players if married to the right guy. I was both flattered and offended! I am not a dog or horse to breed! Then again, I did like being considered athletic. I wanted to say, "Wouldn't you like it to be you?" But I didn't want to be too forward. I didn't even like the guy like that. In fact, the first time I saw him (we had the same friends, we just didn't hang out with them at the same time) I thought he was married, or at least had a serious girlfriend. All the good ones did.

After a few more plays, the game was over. I made a few good tackles (even managed to tackle David, although I maintain that he tripped while I was trying to block for him), and had a whole lot of fun. Everyone went on their separate ways.

Nobody knew that a seed had been planted in David's mind. The dream of college (even NFL) football stars had been born. And the girl was pretty cute, too...

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  1. Hopefully there was more of an attraction than the type of children you would have. But Pop wouldn't mind an NFL star in his family, either.