Saturday, August 15, 2015

Back to School Only Means One Thing!

Back to school only means one thing in our house!


This week, Coach worked around 65+ hrs (and we haven't even started games, yet!) It is nice knowing that he is doing what he loves, but it is hard at the same time.
Ya'll, coaches put in a LOT of time and effort into the kids! I have to remind myself constantly that this is only for a season, and that this is our ministry. Whether or not we always act like it or remember it, God has called us to love on the players, coaches, and parents in a way that brings us (and them) closer to His Son.

The kids miss their daddy during the day, since they are used to him being home. But, we get to see him most days around lunch, always at dinner, and we go up to the school to practice a couple of times a week. Both of my kids love football. Gideon has gotten to where he will commentate for me. (They're wearing helmets. They push/throw/catch/run/get hurt.) And Ruthie will say "ball" when we get to the field house. And she always can pick out her daddy in the field of players and coaches.

It's not always easy being a coach's wife and mother of two toddlers (and one on the way!) But it is so worth it!

This year, we have added an extra element of crazy. We just signed Gideon up for U4 soccer. I believe this will be on Mondays, so I will have to video some games for Coach to see, since he will be at JV games. But, it was important for Coach to put Gideon in a competitive sport with other kids. Gideon isn't around other littles nearly enough. We'll see how it goes!

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