Tuesday, January 10, 2017

A Year In Review

A lot of people have lamented that 2016 was the worst year, yet. And although there were difficult moments, it was a year of joy for our little family.

Last January we welcomed home a little boy. He is a precious, smiley baby who has stolen our hearts. He did have to spend almost a week in the hospital last February for RSV. That was a very difficult time for all of us. He was so sick. It was heartbreaking to see him hooked to so many machines and to see him struggling for every breath. But he is all better, now!

Last April Coach accepted a job in a small town in Eastern Oklahoma. He is now Head Football Coach of the Bulldogs! (And head baseball coach. Lol.) It is a slow process trying to rebuild a program and a culture, but we are giving it our best shot. ;-)

The oldest started school in August. He loves it! He is learning his ABCs and how to interact with other kids his age. He gets to ride the bus in the morning and on his way home. Sister had a hard time with him being gone at first, but we get to snuggle more and play more. And big brother is home when she gets up from her nap. We've adjusted nicely.

We bought our own house in September! Our very first house. I feel almost grown up. I absolutely LOVE it! We also welcomed in a kitten into our house. What were we thinking? It has definitely been an adjustment, but she caught a mouse yesterday, so I guess we will keep her.

I have started a venture with a company called Trades of Hope. It is an awesome company that sells all handmade items from 16 countries around the world. The mission is to empower women out of poverty. I am in LOVE with this mission AND with the products! (Especially since our new line just came out!)

This Christmas was an adventure, to put in lightly. We went to see my parents and coach's parents. I got to drive the whole way because Coach was sick with a virus/flu turned ulcer. It was horrible. He stayed in bed almost the whole time, not able to eat or drink anything for over a week. BUT, we went to see the doctor and got good medicines. He is almost all better, now.

So. That was our year in a nutshell. It had its ups and downs. It held some of best moments, and unfortunately some of our worst moments. I am excited to see what 2017 holds in store for us!

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